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At-Home Carbonation System Recalled

iSi Twist 'N SparkleThe iSi Twist ‘N Sparkle at-home carbonation system has recently been recalled after causing injuries to several consumers. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and iSi of North American, Inc., announced the voluntary recall on July 5, 2012.

The Twist ‘N Sparkle comes with two reusable plastic bottles and a carbon dioxide charger. The cusumer fills the bottles with their choice of drink, then inserts the carbon dioxide charger to create a carbonated beverage at home.

However, the BPA-free bottles that come with the iSi starter kit don’t stand up to the pressure that the carbonation creates.There have been several incidences of exploding bottles; three people have been injured by exploding carbonation systems and sustained severe cuts from the shattered plastic. There have been nine explosions reported involving the Starter Set model number 1005.

The recall includes the following Twist ‘N Sparkle Starter Set Models: 1005, 1005-12, 1005-BJ, 1005-QVC, 1006-00, and 1006-12.The product was sold at Williams-Sinoma, QVC, and other national retailers from June 2010 to March 2012. The CPSC has urged consumers to stop using the product immediately and contact iSi or the retailer for return instructions. For more information call iSi at (800) 645-3595 or go to their website www.twistnsparkle.com.


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